Data Collection

When you contact a venue by email we need to know your name, email address and phone number to confirm any booking and to contact you should we wish to recommend an alternative venue.

Venues Are Notified

When you make an enquiry your contact details are emailed to the venue to allow them to contact you to arrange any booking you may wish to make.

Monthly Newsletter

Viewers may allow us to send our regular e-zine with product and hospitality information.


To enhance your Web experience, this site uses anonymous identifiers ("cookies") to collect anonymous preference and interest visitor information. This information is provided to the Ad-Server and is used by the Ad-Server to create anonymous interest profiles.This information does not include and is never merged with personally identifiable information (such as name, address or email address) or any information that is considered sensitive or controversial or that would compromise your privacy. We do not use cookies for collecting customer's personal data. Cookies may be used to collect general data that is anonymous and in no way identifies viewers. We do not sell, trade or hire your personal information to any third parties other than to contact the venue(s) you are enquiring about.